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M.S.PARTNERS CO.,LTD. Corporate Profile

M.S.PARTNERS CO.,LTD. ( M.S.= MULTI SUPPLY ) Corporate Profile


Mr. Masayoshi Ito


Mezon Velfarre 103, 633-1、 Nippacyou, Kouhoku-ku , Yokohama-city , Kanagawa-Pref., Japan. 〒223-0057


+ 81-45-633-1056


+ 81-45-633-1051


Technical trading company specialized in machined parts.

Contents :

1. Aliminium extrusions (We can support also small lot order)

2. Cutting works by Lathe, Fraise and Machining Center

3. Sheet-metal processing

4. Press work

5. Die-casting/Casting

6. Resin molding

7. Rubber molding

8. Photofabrication parts of resin (include with the resin part fabricated by 3D-Printer)

9. Surface treatment

10. Easy assembly processing


April 1st, 2004

Capital stock

10,000,000 JPY ( about 100,000 USD )

Official website

Contact Us! (Please contact us only by E-mail.)


Message from President Mr. Ito

MSP is the technical trading company specialized in machined parts, for supply new worth by coordinate customer’s needs and processing manufacturer’s special technologies.

From established April 2004, we have traded many quality companies, and construct stable growth management plan as get banking facilities.

Our company size is not big one, but we expect the order from all of passionate you in the world.


Meaning of our existence

1. To assist the customer’s innovation

2. To deliver the manufacturer’s especial technologies

3. Not only trade but also fulfill the responsibilities to the world

4. To be required and contribute from the world by trading of processing technology

5. To provide the field to the human as a human being